Why is this good for business? 

In the case of incentive travel it provides the reward of free travel for fulfilling goals. Knowing there is an acknowledgement of doing a great job and the reward of travel increases employee motivation. Employees will push themselves and each other to be better as they engage in a light-hearted competition to achieve goals. This translates to higher employee productivity and more profitability for your company.

Taking care of business at a beautiful venue onboard a cruise ship or at a magnificent resort is another motivational tool to get employees excited about team-building meetings and activities. This could be offered as a reward, or even as an annual event to all or to a segment of your employees. The buzz that this would create would certainly get your employees excited about this outside of the box approach to meetings. This would enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and production.

The holiday season is approaching and what a perfect time to start planning for next year! Plan the next team building trip or look for travel rewards for those meeting sales goals or even for corporate gifts.


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