Lisa's Recommended Products

As your full-service travel advisor, I have traveled the world and as such, I have several product recommendations. At the bottom I have some general advice on things to bring. 


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In Transit

From luggage, to stainless steel water bottles you have some great items to have with you for your journey to your destination.

At Your Destination

From foldable jackets to a blanket for the beach, these are all very portable and useful items to have.


Foldable Reusable Bag- For the beach, tours/excursions to take what you need. Plus, for your trip souvenirs.

Sturdy Folder-  For Printed Documents

Different Size Plastic Bags- Useful for wet swimsuits, dirty clothes

WipesUse to wipe your hands plus keep any surfaces germ-free.

Customized First Aid Kit- Band aids, bandages, pain reliever, anti-nausea medications, etc...

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